Our Desert Driver Training course is accredited by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA).

The Desert Driver Training course is essential for anyone who works in this unpredictable and unforgiving environment. The desert environment at it’s worst, can test even the most experienced drivers. The consequences of mismanagement, ignorance, misjudgment or lack of training could lead to loss /damage of vehicle or even the death of both driver and passengers. Training aims to demonstrate to drivers that desert driving demands accuracy, versatility and the ability to handle the vehicle whatever the desert environment may present.

Our Instructors will give your staff all the information and skills to help keep your staff safe whilst operating in this potentially hostile environment. People take safety for granted in the desert because “it’s only sand”. One of the biggest contributing factors for accidents in the desert is a lack of Driver Training / Education. By attending these courses we can help your staff to reduce these risks significantly. By giving the candidate up to date information and new skills for this type of environment, this will help not only keep the driver safe but their passengers too.

The Desert Driver Training course is a 1-day course and consists of a classroom theory session including group discussion, practical demonstration and expert tuition from our instructors. The course is a 1-day course but can be extended if required to suit the client’s needs.