In the past 10 years, most oil and gas Companies have seen a huge change in their HSE figures and the resulting low lost time incidents that comes from a quality training and education programme, but we still have incidents, accidents and near misses. To continue to strive for zero lost time incidents is the main aim of most companies HSE policy. To achieve and maintain this is the most challenging part of most Companies operations here in Libya. We understand Libya and the work culture and are enthusiastic and tireless about spreading the knowledge of safety that we have acquired.  It is important to take stock of what training our workforce has received, close the knowledge gap with additional training, education and peer cultural acceptances and beliefs. We also need to change the attitude and behavioural safety of employers and employee’s alike. We need to make it unacceptable to take short cuts which endanger life and limb.  Blue Energy has a wealth of experience of Health and Safety. We have taught a variety of cultures and nationalities in a global workplace where we strive to get the safety message across and to maintain it.